Disabilities Info



July 22 – Deadline to Request Accommodations: Most deadlines are March 22 but it helps us immensely if you make your request as soon as possible. We may not be able to accommodate requests coming in after August 22. Make your request to info@mstarmarketing.com unless otherwise noted. See more details in Access Guide below.

  • Shuttle service from the airport – August 20, email info@mstarmarketing.com
  • Vehicle pass for Accessible Camping Area
  • Motorized wheelchair & scooter reservations – June 3, email info@mstarmarketing.com with “WolfHowl” in the subject line
  • Request to bring Mobility Device other than wheelchair or 3-4 wheeled scooter
  • Sign language interpreter: TODAY is best, August 10 is OK, August 15 at the latest
  • Assistive Listening Device
  • Braille copy of programming information
  • Guided tour for patrons who are blind
  • Service animal camping
  • Overnight power for medical device such as CPAP or breathing machine
  • Any other accommodations not listed, ASAP


Pre-festival Questions: Email mstar marketing, Sue Viwatkurkul, at info@mstarmarketing.com

Questions During the Festival: The WolfHowlX Center. The staff and volunteers at the WolfHowlX Center are available to answer questions and assist in other ways as needed. The WolfHowlX Center is located in a tent within the Accessible Camping Area near the main entrance to Agape. The WolfHowlX Center provides information regarding WolfHowl services for people with disabilities as well as offering a place to relax in the shade and chill out for a while. Please stop by to say hello and fill out a survey.

Hours of Operation: 10 AM to 10 PM, fully staffed. 10 PM to 10 AM, skeleton crew.

Compliments or Complaints: When you get to the event, fill out one of our surveys. Or, send an email at any time to info@mstarmarketing.com. We need and appreciate your feedback.



Accessible Airport Shuttle: Round-trip accessible shuttle service is available from the San Francisco Intl Airport, Sacramento Intl Airport, and Oakland Intl Airport to WolfHowl Music fest on Thursday and Friday of the event, and returning Monday after the event, beginning at 6:00 AM at the same prices as non-accessible vehicles. (Please see full schedule and pricing on WolfHowl  Website). People with mobility disabilities, who plan to camp in the Accessible Camping Area, will have faster service if they arrange for this shuttle 7 days in advance by email info@mstarmarketing.com  Include your cell phone number in the email. Lift-equipped transportation is available.

WolfHowl Package Hotel Shuttle: Lift-equipped shuttle service is available for people who have purchased the Official WolfHowl Travel Package from various hotel, about 15 miles from the festival. People with mobility disabilities should contact info@mstarmarketing to arrange for accessible transportation.

Vehicle Pass for Route to Accessible Camping: Patrons who have a mobility disability, a government-issued accessible parking tag, and who plan to camp in the Accessible Camping Area, should enter the festival with a pass.  We are issuing a pass that will make it easier for those who are directing traffic to spot these vehicles and to help you be directed to the proper exit. This is NOT a reservation for the Accessible Camping Area. To get this pass, email – info@mstarmarketing by August 1.


IMPORTANT:  Watch for signs with the wheelchair symbol.

Have your government-issued accessible parking license plate, hangtag, or placard, and your vehicle pass from WolfHowl music festival, easily visible well before your exit so that the police will direct you to the best entrance.


To help reduce delays, the site will open Wednesday at 9:00 am

Make sure that your government-issued accessible parking license plate, hangtag, or placard and your vehicle pass from WolfHowl music fest  are visible. Your companion vehicle must follow directly behind you. The person to whom the tag, placard, or plate was issued must be in the vehicle. In the Access Lanes, we will confirm validity of the accessible parking tag and that the person to whom the tag was issued is in the car. Accessible Camping Stickers are applied to eligible vehicles.

Accessible Parking Documentation: Accessible parking license plates, placards, and hangtags are issued through each state’s department of motor vehicles. People with mobility disabilities should talk with their doctor to obtain the necessary documentation.

Temporary Accessible Parking Placard: If you have scheduled surgery or have another condition that will limit your mobility during WolfHowl fest, talk with your doctor about getting a temporary accessible parking tag.

THE LAW and the PLACARD: We have had reports of some patrons borrowing or otherwise falsely using accessible parking placards or tags. This uses valuable space that we are reserving for patrons who actually have disabilities. It is against the law for anyone to use an accessible parking placard that was issued to another person. It is against the law to duplicate or falsify an accessible parking placard. It is against the law to park in an accessible parking space without a legitimate accessible parking placard.


Enforcement Increased: The Accessible Camping and Day Parking areas are for use by people with mobility disabilities and their guests who have proper documentation and a sticker issued by Mstar. Other vehicles will be towed and tents removed.

Campsite Size: Campsites are approximately 10′ x 30′. RV sites are about 20’x50’.

Accessible Camping Companion Policy: In the Accessible Camping area, one companion vehicle is allowed to enter along with the vehicle displaying the accessible parking tag. To make sure that there is enough space for all that truly need it, no more than one companion vehicle is allowed. The companion vehicle and the vehicle with the accessible parking tag must go through the Blue zone together (where they will both receive stickers), enter the camping area together and park next to each other. Others may camp elsewhere and visit their friends in the Accessible Camping area but may not bring their vehicles or tents. Vehicles and tents that do not have proper permission will be removed.

RVs with Accessible Parking Tag: RVs with the government-issued accessible parking tag and WolfHowl Fest Accessible Parking Sticker may park in the Accessible Camping Area. All RVs must purchase an RV pass.

RV Companion Policy: RVs in the Accessible camping area may bring a companion vehicle but, like all RV patrons, must pay the companion vehicle fee. The companion vehicle must arrive immediately following the RV when entering the Blue zone. The companion vehicle must be an automobile, not another RV type vehicle. For questions regarding RVs, trailers, and the like, email our BoogooX team for more information at info@mstarmarketing.com RV companion autos must have the Accessible Parking sticker issued from Mstar or they will be towed.

Accessible Day Parking: Accessible Day Parking is available to those who have the government-issued accessible parking license plate, placard, or hangtag and the WolfHowl fest accessible parking sticker.  Companion vehicles are not allowed in the Accessible Day Parking area. If you need a shady retreat spot during the day, stop by the BoogooX Center or see “Keeping your Cool” in Section 7 below.

VIP Accessible Camping: The VIP area is also located adjacent to the venue. Within its confines there is an Accessible Camping area situated close to the gate to the Main Stage. Patrons who have purchased a VIP ticket and who have the government-issued accessible parking tag may set up their tent or park their RV in this area. Show your accessible parking tag to VIP gate staff when entering VIP and they will direct you to the correct area.


Rugged Terrain: We want you to know that it is a challenge to get around this site. WolfHowl Music & Art festival is an outdoor music festival held on a 600-acre farm. Although there are no big hills, this is rough and rugged terrain that is both grassy and bumpy.

Accessible Pathways: There are some gravel roadways, and some accessible pathways but much of the travel is over grass. When it rains, the ground can become muddy. WolfHowl makes improvements to its accessibility each year. However, due to the size of the venue, WolfHowl is not able to provide accessible pathways to every activity.

Quite a Lot of Distance: Even though we have brought the Accessible Camping area as close as possible to the main Agape entrance, there is still quite a lot of distance between the campground and the various stages. For instance, from the back end of the Accessible Camping area to the Main Stage accessible viewing platform. The other performances and activities are closer to the Accessible Camping Area. Within a given day, you might travel back and forth, covering some miles of distance. We give you this information so that you can be properly informed and prepared. We work to make this event as accessible as we can and each year we make improvements to our infrastructure. We hope that you will attend. Please write info@mstarmarketing.com if you have questions.


American Sign Language – Reservations Needed: WolfHowl Music fest has an American Sign Language team available. Because it takes quite a lot of time for the interpreters to study and practice the music, please make your request for interpreting services as soon as possible. Today is best. August  1 is OK. And, please, no later than August 10. The sooner you make your request, the better we can serve you. If you know the schedule, be specific about the dates and times for performances that you would like interpreted. Otherwise, just knowing the artist will help tremendously. We can work out the schedule later. Make requests to info@mstarmarketing.com. Include your cell phone number in your request. During the event, stop by the Access Center to see the entire interpreter schedule and to learn where to meet with your interpreters. Interpreter locations may change year to year. The Lead Interpreter will want to exchange contact information with you.

Assistive Listening Devices – Reservations Needed: Patrons who are hard of hearing may wish to check out an assistive listening device (ALD). An ALD is a small receiver with ear buds or headphones that picks up the sound from the sound system and allows the individual to adjust the volume to his or her liking. WolfHowl uses FM assistive listening systems. ALDs may be checked out at the WolfHowlX Center. The WolfHowlX Center is open from 10 AM to 10 PM. Make reservations by writing to info@mstarmarketing.com by August  10. Note whether or not you use a hearing aid with a telecoil and include your cell phone number. There is no fee to use the ALD but photo ID and a deposit is required to ensure return of the device. Check with us to find out the amount and form of the deposit.

Open Captioning Available in the Cinema Tent: Many movies have open captioning capabilities. Please place your request with a Cinema Tent staff person at least 10 minutes before the start of the movie. Security personnel can help direct you to a staff person.


Large Print: Large print programming information is available at the WolfHowlX Center.

Braille: Anyone wishing to have his or her own copy of a Braille translation of programming information should contact info@mstarmarketing.com by August 10. One copy will remain at the WolfHowlX Center and is available to read at any time.

Guided Tour: To schedule a one-time guided tour of the festival, contact info@mstarmarketing.com no later than August 10.

Camp Closer: Patrons who are blind or have low vision may opt to camp in the Accessible Camping area. Your government-issued accessible parking tag will make it possible to camp in this area. See “Getting to the Event” in this Access Guide, for more details. And no, you don’t need to have a driver’s license to get an accessible parking tag.


Why WolfHowl Has a Service Animal Procedure and Policy: Some people have masqueraded their pets as service animals. Some of these pets have bitten people. These pet-owners are taking advantage of people with disabilities and threatening the health and safety of all people and of service animals. Mstar is doing its best to prevent this from happening.

Service Animal Policy – Service Dogs YES, Pets NO: Persons with disabilities and their service dogs or miniature horses that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for those persons with disabilities have always been welcome at WolfHowl Music fest. Other types of animals and pets are not allowed.

Ejection Policy: Those who masquerade their pet as a service animal will be ejected from the site without refund.

WolfHowl Music Fest reserves the right to refuse admittance to or eject any individual whose conduct poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

Service Animal Procedure: At the WolfHowl Music fest, for everyone’s safety, all vehicles and attendees are searched for contraband. All animals and their handlers must check in at the Animal Check-In. After screening, service animal handlers will receive important information. Service animal handlers need not fear this process. It will be conducted with respect and understanding and once your animal has received the tag indicating it has been screened, staff are not likely to question you again unless the animal causes a problem. Those bringing pets will be turned away.

Driving and Tollbooth Instructions:

  • When approaching WolfHowl Fest Festival, be sure to use the right road.  Watch for signs with the wheelchair symbol. See “Travel Directions” in Section 3 of this Access Info Guide for complete instructions.
  • Enter the festival using the ” Blue Zone Lane” for people with disabilities. Again, watch for the wheelchair symbol.
  • Those who bring animals should identify themselves when security first approaches the vehicle.
  • All animals and their handlers will be directed to the check-in. This includes service animals in training (see more information below).
  • Service animals will be welcomed and given a special tag to indicate that they have been screened. The handler will be given important information regarding service animals at WolfHowl Music Festival.
  • Those who bring their pets will be ejected from the event without refund.

Service Animal Handlers Take Note: A service animal must be trained and if it does not adhere to the following conditions WolfHowl staff will have the handler remove the animal from the site. The handler may return without the animal. The animal must:

  • Be housebroken
  • Be under the control of its handler at all times

Caring For Your Service Animal:

  • Do not leave your animal at your campsite. All service animals must remain by the handler’s side at all times and must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls.Service animals must be housebroken and should use the service animal relief areas provided.
  • It’s hot. Be prepared to carry and provide plenty of water for your service animal.
  • Bring enough food for your animal, as dog food is not sold at Boogoo General Store.

Service Animal Relief Areas: There is a service animal relief area within the Accessible Camping area and another within the VIP Accessible Camping area.

Camping Close: Because of heat and distance, and to keep service animals in top performance, it may be easier on service animals if they and their owners camp in the Accessible Camping area. Those with service animals that want to camp in the Accessible Camping area but do not have a government-issued accessible parking pass, should contact info@mstarmarketing.com by August 10.

Service Animals In Training:   California law states that service animals in training may attend public events but ONLY if the dog and the trainer come from an accredited school. To be sure that the animal and trainer are coming from an accredited school, WolfHowl will need a minimum of one week advance notice (by Aug  15) so that there is time to confirm with the school. Most reputable service animal training schools also provide a certificate of insurance. Write to info@mstarmarketing with your request.

Service animals in training must be advanced enough in their training to handle an event as intense as WolfHowl. We have been advised that young puppies do not yet have the maturity to attend an event like this.

The service dog in training must wear a harness, leash or other appropriate apparel or device that identifies the dog with the accredited school for which the dog is being raised and be held on a leash and under control of its trainer.

The Following Are Not Service Animals: By law, if an animal’s purpose or task is to provide protection, emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship, it is not considered a service animal and may not come to WolfHowl fest.

More About Pets: WolfHowl Music & Art Festival is not a place to bring your pet. It is hot, crowded, loud, and if your animal is lost in the crowd of 80,000 people, we don’t know if you will find it again. It is very stressful for animals and a usually well-behaved pet may feel the need to protect its owner by attacking another person or animal. Only trained service animals should come to WolfHowl Fairground.

Your Animal, Your Responsibility: Anyone bringing an animal to WolfHowl Music Fest will be responsible for and liable for any damage or injury caused by the animal.

It is against the law to allow your animal to harm a service animal. Doing so can result in jail time, fines, paying the many thousands of dollars it takes to retrain or replace a service animal, paying for time lost at work by the service animal’s owner and more.

It is against the law to allow your animal to harm a person. Tennessee has strict laws regarding dog bites and other canine-inflicted injuries.

Traveling with Your Pet? Be a responsible and loving dog-parent by leaving it at an animal kennel BEFORE arriving at the WolfHowl Fairground.

How May We Assist You? Anyone who has questions or needs regarding their service animal may write to  info@mstarmarketing.com or stop by the WolfHowlX Center during the festival. Remember, we welcome service animals!


Syringes: A person bringing a syringe will need to show medication in prescription packaging with name on the label, and photo ID.

Medication: Bring enough prescription medication for your personal use only; excess amounts are not allowed. Medication must be in prescription packaging with prescription label. Bring photo I.D. Medication may be stored in the refrigerator in the Medical Tent in Agape. The tent opens at about 11 AM on Thursday and closes at 10 PM Sunday evening. Be sure to pick up your medication before the tent closes. Ice is available for purchase for those who wish to keep their medication at their campsite in a cooler. TIP: Ask your pharmacist for smaller travel-size prescription bottles.

Medical Waste Disposal: Please dispose of your medical waste and sharps in the proper disposal at the Pod in Accessible Camping. Please do not dispose of these things in the trash barrels. We appreciate your consideration for our volunteers and staff who handle the trash bags.

Medical Stations: Medical staff are stationed at 12 pods in the campground areas, 24 hours per day. One medical station in Agape is open 24 hours per day. Their locations are indicated on the map. There is a Pod in the Accessible Camping area. Ambulances are standing by and there is a medical center in San Diego. There are pharmacies in San Diego as well.

Recharging Medical Devices: At the Access Center, there are a limited number of outlets available to recharge medical devices or batteries for medical devices. Because of the nature of temporary events, WolfHowl Music Fest does not guarantee availability of electricity and patrons leave their devices or batteries at their own risk. Bring a lock for your device. For more information, see “Recharging Chairs and Scooters” in this guide.

CPAP and Overnight Medical Device Systems: Those who use CPAP machines or other types of powered medical equipment overnight, should contact info@mstarmarketing.com by August 10.

Pacemakers or Oxygen Tanks: If you use a pacemaker or oxygen tank, write to info@mstarmarketing.com before arrival.