Fun & Games

WolfHowl Music & Art Festival is one of the kind that offer full activity of fun and excitment through out 3 days and 2 night. We value our attendees by giving them the best life experience that they will ever get from other events. We offer the following funs and game below

  • Tug-O-war
  • Mud Wristling
  • Wet T-shirt Contest
  • Karaoke Singing Contest
  • Halo hoop
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Mystery Balloon Pinata
  • Rock Star Theme Costumes
  • Dare-and- Dance
  • Footsy Pop and many more

Activity Ground

WolfHowl Music & Art Festival not only offer music and art, but we offer life experience. Of course we are a growing adult but Wolf Howl carnival will take you back in time of youth and bring back those good memories. WolfHowl Carnival ground offer a full fun and ride with more than 20 acres of playground that you can spend days and night dipping away in the most relaxing atmosphere surrounded by mountain and nature.

We offer funs and game as follow;

  • White Water Log Flume
  • Giant Scooters
  • Music Express
  • Sky Diver
  • Century Wheel
  • Super Shot Drop Tower
  • Pole Position Coaster
  • Fireball
  • Wave Swinger
  • The Flying Bobs
  • Footloose
  • The Zipper
  • The Grand Carousel
  • Ring Of Fire
  • Evolution
  • The Gravitron and many more ride

Live Stock previllion, Museum, Carnival game, and more

International Food

We value our customer by bringing you the best selection of food from all over the world into one place. You will taste the most delicious food from a well known chef and restaurant nationwide. Every vendor that join our festival have to pass through our Quality inspection and professional taster to be able to join the festival. We don’t just take any vendor randomly. We value quality product and service as our company philosophy. We offer over 400 booth of food vendor that will make you mouth wet.  WolfHowl International food festival will not only offer the most tasty food with high quality, but we offer memories of tastes.

Beer & Vibe Garden

Beer and Vibe Garden is unique with more than 100’s top of the line international beer and wine. If you love beer or wine and like to enjoy drinking with friend in a quite beer garden that serve the most delicious food together with jazz, country and classical music. You will find them all here in one place. You will be sitting in a Beer garden surrounded by nature. If you feel like you want to showoff your voice. Our live band  performer can meet your needs by playing the music that you love and make you a star. We understand this is your night and we want you to get the best of it. We are here for you!!

Silent Dance Party

You just enjoy the top headliner performance, but now you want to be on the dance floor and showoff your move. We have the best D.J and the best sound systems and ligthing effect that will rock you til 4 am. You will enjoy all night dance with your loveone and drink along with thousand of attendees that have the same mood as you. Food vendor will be open 24 hours for your late night party. We don’t closed until you drop. We want to make your night the most valuable night of your life.

Zorp Battle

Our campground break down in to many level. You can enjoy camp out in a secluded nature and wake up with fresh air surrounded by mountain and rural hills. Our campground is equiped with shower and restroom. If you want privacy then you can take advantage of our Grand Palace or our 5 star suite King Palace. These two level of suite will fulfill your dream and comfort. Our suite will setup separate from other campground. Its setup as executive resort area that only for VIP attendees. You will be pamper and treated as king. You will be taken care by professional maid that clean your room and serve food.   We want to make sure that you receive professional service and get the best benefit that you deserve.